Participants of 2nd Quarterly Clinical Meeting Fatima Jinnah Med Univ Sept 14, 2019
Participants of 2nd South Punjab Cancer Surgery Symposium at Nishter Medical University Multan Nov 9, 2019

Cancer is the second commonest killer of people in Pakistan. Thus it represents a huge disease burden on our nation. Surgical Oncology Society Pakistan (SOS-PK) is the main national representative body of surgeons from Pakistan with interest in cancer surgery.
It is an affiliate society of ESSO (European Society of Surgical Oncology) and is also part of the Global Cancer Surgery Leadership Forum Initiative of SSO Society of Surgical Oncology, USA.

SOS-PK, established in Lahore in 2008, has the following aims 
1. To foster the development of education and training in cancer surgery by facilitating communication among the surgeons whose prime interest lies in this field. SOSPK achieves this by arranging conferences and symposia throughout Pakistan.
2. To promote the highest quality of care of the patients with cancer, emphasising multi-disciplinary team approach and advocating establishment of comprehensive cancer facilities providing all treatment under one roof.
3.To work towards cancer prevention & early detection by providing optimal awareness for general public, health administrators and healthcare professionals.

All surgeons with interest in Cancer Surgery, who agree with above stated aims of society, are welcome to join Surgical Oncology Society Pakistan. For membership form please click here


SOS-PK has been holding  International Cancer Surgery Conferences in the historic city of Lahore every year from 2008 – 2019. The meetings are held in the first week of February to coincide with World Cancer Day (Feb 4) and the advent of spring in Lahore with its beautiful brilliant “basant” colours. 12th Cancer Surgery Conference  was held on Feb 3-5, 2020 @Lahore. Click here for details

Next year, 13th Cancer Surgery Conference will be held from Feb 4-6, 2021 at PC Hotel Lahore. Details will follow soon.

Founding President:
Prof. Muhammad Arshad Cheema
Prof Khalid Durrani
Prof Abdul Majid Chaudhry
Prof. Zafar Ali Choudry
Prof. Abul Fazal Khan
Dr Amir Ali Sayed
Prof Mahmood Ayaz
Prof Javed Iqbal (QMC)


Prof Haroon Javaid Majid

Senior Vice President:
Prof Farooq Afzal

Vice Presidents:
Prof Tayyab Abbas
Prof Abrar Ashraf
Prof Muhammad Azeem

General Secretary:
Dr Nawaz Anjum

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Dr Haroon Ghous, Dr Haroon Majid, Prof Abul Fazal, Prof M Arshad Cheema, Prof Zafar Chaudhry, Prof Muhammad Azeem

SOSPK Executive Council meeting Awari Lahore
  • Contact SOSPK
  • Email: cancersurgery@outlook.com
  • What’sAp : +92 345 404 2256
  • Cancer-line: +92 345 404 2256
  • Postal Address:
    SOS-PK @ Lahore Cancer Surgery Center
    Upper Floor, 13 Tipu Block Garden Town Lahore 54600, Pakistan